GSD HTML5 sounding change details

This page enumerates changes having to do with the HTML5 sounding display. Here are changes related to the soundings themselves.
20-Oct-2016 (production and beta)
Changed to work under either 'http' or 'https' protocols. Routine(s) changed: reply-setup.cgi, ParameterGetterSetter, SoundingDisplay, sdg.SoundingLoader, sdg.SoundingDriver.

5-Apr-2016 (production and beta)
Radiometer data from Radiometrics restored. Routine(s) changed: installed on the rucsoundings web server (and get_radio.cgi brought up-to-date).

24-Feb-2016 (production)
All beta changes moved to production (with the exception of soundings from the HRRR, due to the load they put on our servers).

23-Feb-2016 (beta)
Fixed a very obscure error that caused the display to hang if users chose both Tephigrams and the 0.5mb display.

19-Feb-2016 (beta)

18-Mar-2014 (production and beta)

12-Mar-2014 (production and beta)
We now can optionally show hydrometeors (default for the beta site) for those few models that provide them. Routine(s) changed: SoundingDisplay, ParameterGetterSetter, sdg.SoundingCanvas, sdg.SkewTPlot.

18-Feb-2014 (production and beta)
We now correctly pre-fill the contents of the 'Load Soundings' window including the requested airport, start date, and 'latest' check-box. Routine(s) changed: LoadPanel.

6-Feb-2014 (production and beta)
First production version. Added reading of arguments in the query string. Also, we now only show the debug window if the parameter "&debug=true" is included in the query-string. Also, added a 'Loading' message to indicate when we're waiting for new soundings to be downloaded. Routine(s) changed: SoundingDisplay, ParameterGetterSetter,sdg.SoundingCanvas, sdg.SoundingLoader, sdg.SoundingDriver, sdg.Color.

Prepared by Bill Moninger,
Last modified: Thu Oct 20 21:12:23 GMT 2016