GSL HTML5 sounding change details

This page enumerates changes having to do with the HTML5 sounding display. Here are changes related to the soundings themselves.
Dated and unnecessary entries were removed from the "Load Soundings" panel (i.e. RAP_130, RAP_OPS_130, RAP, RAP_221, Bak40, Bak13, HRRR, FIM, PROF, RADIO, and isoRR1h. (Removed from the list of data_sources). Routine(s) changed: Welcome.cgi

The data feed for RAOBS has been changed to the prepbufr data, retrieved through the data base. The prepbufr data are more comprehensive, including more stations and levels. Some levels are missing height data, however, and caused problems with labeling on the hodograph. The problem was corrected by testing for missing heights and bypassing the labeling for those levels. Some time lag will be noticed with this change to prepbufr RAOBs, which is due to the processing and delivering of the data. GSL previously ingested raw data through NOAAPORT, and processed the data in-house. Because of the retirement of the people at GSL who maintained this effort, the decision was made to switch to the prepbufr RAOBs. Routine(s), link for latest_pbraobs.txt added.

13-Dec-2017 (production and beta)
Changes to update the code to be consistent with the latest version of Chrome, by using the latest GWT version (2.8.2). This solved a Chrome problem with the cursor arrow location differing from the location used to display text and parcel trajectories on the SkewT plot. Also, we eliminated the annoying mouse 'hint' ("SkewT Plot") that sometimes appeared when the mouse hovered. Also, cleaned up the Welcome page to eliminate references to Profilers and Radiometeors. Also, added hydrometeor plots as the default on the beta page. Routine(s) changed: SoundingDisplay, sdg.SoundingCanvas, Welcome.cgi, SoundingDisplay.css.

20-Oct-2016 (production and beta)
Changed to work under either 'http' or 'https' protocols. Routine(s) changed: reply-setup.cgi, ParameterGetterSetter, SoundingDisplay, sdg.SoundingLoader, sdg.SoundingDriver.

5-Apr-2016 (production and beta)
Radiometer data from Radiometrics restored. Routine(s) changed: installed on the rucsoundings web server (and get_radio.cgi brought up-to-date).

24-Feb-2016 (production)
All beta changes moved to production (with the exception of soundings from the HRRR, due to the load they put on our servers).

23-Feb-2016 (beta)
Fixed a very obscure error that caused the display to hang if users chose both Tephigrams and the 0.5mb display.

19-Feb-2016 (beta)

18-Mar-2014 (production and beta)

12-Mar-2014 (production and beta)
We now can optionally show hydrometeors (default for the beta site) for those few models that provide them. Routine(s) changed: SoundingDisplay, ParameterGetterSetter, sdg.SoundingCanvas, sdg.SkewTPlot.

18-Feb-2014 (production and beta)
We now correctly pre-fill the contents of the 'Load Soundings' window including the requested airport, start date, and 'latest' check-box. Routine(s) changed: LoadPanel.

6-Feb-2014 (production and beta)
First production version. Added reading of arguments in the query string. Also, we now only show the debug window if the parameter "&debug=true" is included in the query-string. Also, added a 'Loading' message to indicate when we're waiting for new soundings to be downloaded. Routine(s) changed: SoundingDisplay, ParameterGetterSetter,sdg.SoundingCanvas, sdg.SoundingLoader, sdg.SoundingDriver, sdg.Color.

Prepared by Bill Moninger,
Last modified: Wed Dec 13 22:25:52 UTC 2017